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Pellet Press

Pellet Press
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CDATA[This mod includes a pellet mill, a silo for molasses, a silo for pellets and 2 universal liquid trailers. The pellet mill can produce hay, straw and wood pellets from hay, straw and wood chips, in combination with molasses and water. The pellets can be sold either directly through production or at wholesale. Molasses can be purchased at the molasses silo. Pellet mill: Purchase price: 125000 $ Storage capacity: - Water 100000 l - Molasses 50000 l - Hay, straw and wood chips each 1000000 l - Hay, straw, wood pellets each 5000000 l Molasses silo: Purchase price: 10000 $ Daily Up keep: 5 $ Capacity: 10000000 l Pellet silo: Purchase price: 23500 $ Daily Up keep: 10 $ Capacity: 10000000 l MKS8: Capacity: 8000 l to 50000 l Price: 25000 $ to 40000 $ MKS32: Capacity: 32000 l to 150000 l Price: 68000 $ to 118000 $
This mod is hosted on the Giants Modhub.
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