Trees in FS22

Even in the previous versions of the Farming Simulator there were different types of trees. They differed not only in deciduous and coniferous trees but also in the economy of their use. Deciduous trees could not and still cannot be harvested with a harvester and have to be cut with a chainsaw. In addition, they are mostly good only as decoration and wood chip dispenser. Unfortunately, the shredding of deciduous trees is rather difficult and cumbersome due to their bulky branches without mods. In the following texts and tables, I would like to focus on the economic aspect of the different tree species.


In total there are 15 different types of trees in the game, divided into two categories: Deciduous and Coniferous trees.

  • Spruce (conifer)
  • Pine (conifer)
  • Pine (conifer)
  • Cypress (conifer)
  • Coastal pine (conifer)
  • Yellow pine (Conifer)
  • Sequoia [sequoia] (conifer)
  • Birch (deciduous tree)
  • Oak (deciduous tree)
  • Willow (deciduous tree)
  • Maple (deciduous tree)
  • Alternate-leaved dogwood (deciduous tree)
  • Scaly bark hickory (deciduous tree)
  • American elm (deciduous tree)
  • Canadian rock pear (deciduous tree)

To create comparability, the trees were planted in rows next to each other and allowed to grow for 24 ingame months. The complete tree was always processed or sold. For the first test, the tree was processed into chips in the shredder. Then sold complete and in the respective lengths. The wood was always sold at the same point for the same price .

Tree species Wood chips Complete VK 4m 6m 8m 9m 12m € per 1k l
Spruce 14983 l 1561 € 3130 € 3606 € 3671 € 3602 € 3122 € 3029 €
Pine 9236 l 895 € 1867 € 2234 € 2109 € 2043 € 1832 € 3029 €
Pine 23492 l 1404 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Birch 3343 l 435 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Eiohe 22264 l 2287 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Willows 2945 l 351 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Maple 9801 l 1436 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Alternate leaf hard bar 1524 l 181 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Scale bark hickory 15038 l 876 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
American elm 32663 l 2276 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Cypress 1215 l 140 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Canadian rock pear Can not be harvested!
Giant sequoia 3523 l 963 € Must be cut by hand, therefore not comparable!
Coastal pine 26191 l 4642 € 6578 € 8246 € 8211 € 8266 € 7825 € 3029 €
Yellow pine 23808 l 3742 € 5969 € 7491 € 7489 € 7555 € 7081 € 3029 €

Since the coastal pine only need 13 months to grow to maturity and also bring the best price at sale, this species is suitable for cultivation. 9 meter pieces bring the best price at sale, this length also fits into the middle container. It is advisable to chop the top piece of the tree when the price of chips is high, as this piece will then bring more money than when selling the top.

Wood sale by container

With Platinum Expansion, a new variant of selling wood comes into play. Now you can sell your wood in 6 m, 9 m or 12 m pieces in containers. The container must be purchased in one of 3 sizes. 20 feet, 30 feet or 40 feet containers are available here. It should be noted that the container is sold together with the wood and must be purchased each time.

Loading the log into the container is quite simple. The log only has to pass the doors of the container to be loaded completely. The containers can be loaded onto a low loader with a wheel loader or forklift. It is important, if one wants to achieve the best possible price, to load only logs in the appropriate dimensions, i.e. 20 ft = 6 m, 30 ft = 9 m and 40 ft = 12 m, since wrong sizes will depress the price. For the trial, spruce logs in the appropriate lengths were spawned for loading onto the trailer and 1st sale in the container using the "Easy Development Controls" mod. For the realistic trial, trees were cut and sawn into the appropriate lengths. When loading, the entire trees were then loaded into the container each time until it was fully loaded.

Small container
Container size: 20 ft
Purchase price container: 3850 €
Volume container: 21700 l
Spruce logs: 12 pieces
VK Container: 57333 €
Quantity trailer: 16685 €
Realistic filled container : 81148 €
Middle container
Container size: 30 ft
Purchase price container: 4680 €
Volume container: 33000 l
Spruce logs: 13 pieces
VK Container: 83551 €
Quantity trailer: 23489 €
Realistic filled container : 124294 €
Large container
Container Size: 40 ft
Purchase price container: 5500 €
Volume container: 44000 l
Spruce logs: 14 pieces
VK Container: 107344 €
Quantity trailer: 27303 €
Realistic filled container : 165584 €

We tested Silverrun Forest, the map from the Platinum DLC.