This map is a conversion of the vanilla map “Elmcreek”.

This conversion offers in contrast to the original map instead of 82 only 80 fields, 2 fields have fallen victim to the new, large yard area.

Because of this modification there is now a nice big flat area in the middle of the map.

Also built into the map is:

  • Grain Mill
  • Johnson’s Farmers Market
  • Sawmill
  • Livestock Market
  • Shopping center
  • Grain Silo West
  • Feed and Grain South
  • Joinery
  • Grain Silo East
  • Lime Station
  • Dairy
  • Muesli factory
  • 3 x “Train Rentals
  • South Valley Biomass Energy
  • Biogas Plant
  • Grape processing plant
  • Rock crusher
  • Oil mill
  • Bakery
  • Vehicle dealer
  • Red Marble Bowling Restaurant
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Gas station

New Farmer ( Easy )

Starting balance: 100000 €

Farm buildings:

Farmhouse, cow barn with feed mixer, 2 manure piles, 3 vehicle shelters, bunker silo, chicken coop, large farm silo, large horse barn, large pig barn, large sheep barn, hay storage, workshop.

Start fleet of vehicles:

John Deere T560, John Deere 625 x, John Deere Pickup 900, Class W600, Bratner Z 18051, Fendt 714 Vario, Lemken Smaragd 9/500k, John Deere 4755, Fendt 930 Vario, Tenwinkel PAC 1000, Pöttinger Terrasam C6F.

Farm Manager ( Medium )

Starting balance: 1500000 €

Yard building: None

Start fleet: None

Start from scratch ( Hard )

Starting balance: 500000 €

Yard building: None

Start fleet: None



Field shapes